Is it Possible to Win at Roulette Every Time?

Indian players are now waking up to the fact that casinos are a great deal of fun and millions of users are playing casino games such as roulette every single day. What if there was a way to always win, a dirty roulette hack you could use? It would certainly make it more exciting to see your bank balance bulging. But is it possible?

Is it Possible to Win at Roulette Every Time?

Is it a hack or is it a cheat?

There is an obvious distinction between cheating and a dirty roulette hack. A hack is legal, whereas cheating is not.

roulette cheatingThere are several ways which you can influence the outcome of a real game of roulette. Some of them are definitely not ok to use and some of them are in a potential legal or moral grey area.

First we’ll look at the ways which are definitely illegal an will see you ejected from a casino and possibly even arrested.

The first way is known as wheel gaffing and this basically involves adjusting a roulette wheel to make it more predictable. Parts of the wheel might be loosened to lessen the bounce in that area and it will give a definite bias to certain numbers or certain parts of the wheel. This cheat would probably actually see you go to prison, but people have done it, although you would definitely need an inside man at the casino.

Using magnetic ballsUsing magnetic balls is another shady method which would require some help from a corrupt dealer. The ball itself isn’t actually magnetic as in that case it would stick to anything else metallic, but rather it contains a tiny coil and diodes which emit a pulse. This allows criminals to have some semblance of control over where the ball lands. This technique is probably best avoided too.

The final cheat is very brazen. Its involve placing chips on the table once the winning number is known and without the dealer seeing. Anyone who tries this needs balls of steel and also to work in a team of at least two. One places the chips after the other has caused a distraction to make the dealer look away from the table for a split second. There are only so many fake heart attacks a person can stage in a casino and this kind of cheating in the old days of Las Vegas would probably have seen perpetrators beaten up in a back room.

All of those methods are illegal without a shadow of a doubt, but what about a legal and above board dirty roulette hack?

wheel clockingAs for legitimate means of giving yourself an edge in roulette, you can use a computer or software that will tell you which numbers are statistically more likely to win at a certain wheel. It is just a simple case of analyzing thousands of spins over time and is by no means infallible.

The final method is called wheel clocking and is frowned upon by many casinos, although technically speaking it isn’t illegal. It involves timing the wheel to see how long a spin takes and the speed of the wheel. This is another method which employs a computer and analyses data before telling you which numbers to bet on.

These final two methods will give a player a slight edge, but not much.

Online roulette

Online roulette

Online roulette is the most common way to play these days. Because online games are very strictly regulated and there is a random number generator used in every game, each spin of the wheel is completely random and bears no relation to any previous spins. This means that any of the legitimate dirty roulette hack methods are redundant online. Even the illegal methods can’t be used as a magnetic ball in a video game means nothing and you can’t hack a live casino either.

The only legitimate dirty roulette hacks for online roulette gaming are the kind that any intelligent player is probably already using.

Legitimate ways to win at online roulette

If you play online roulette in a live casino you can see if your dealer has a ‘signature’. Their signature is the way they release the ball. A dealer will be responsible for a great number of spins every day and if he or she has a certain way of releasing the ball or always does it so many seconds into the spin then there could be certain numbers which are favoured. All casinos display the results of at least the last ten spins and you can soon find out if a particular number or section of the wheel seems to have a larger chance of winning than others.

Another tip is to avoid single numbers bets. We’re not saying you should avoid the numbers altogether, just don’t pick only one. The 35/1 odds of winning on a single number are tempting, but it means you could go a very long time without winning. It’s just like holding out for a jackpot on a slot machine.


And now we’re going to tell you to avoid numbers bets altogether. The outside bets at a roulette table are where the big players will be found and it’s where the most money can be made. 1/1 odds on red or black will not tempt a lot of thrill seekers, but the potential to win little and often is the key to successful gambling, particularly when a staking plan is implemented. The way to always win on outside bets, and this is by no means a dirty roulette hack, is to double up when you lose. So if you bet $5 and lose you double up to $10, then $20, then $40 and so on. Whenever you win you immediately drop back down to $5. It’s brilliant in its simplicity as it works, so long as the casino allows large enough bets, as your tenth bet, if you are unlucky enough to experience such a long streak without a win, would be $2560.